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Workshop Agenda: MySpace, Your Campus and You(Tube)

Activity 1  

  • Welcome! 
  • Goals for the day.
  • Turn to your elbow partners and share why you are here today.

Activity 2

Growing Up Online

Frontline made an excellent episode about the online lives of our kids recently. The entire thing can be viewed at Frontline. We will share their video clip: A Revolution in Classroom and Social Life.

Activity 3

And Closer to Home...
  • Quick Look at what our kids are posting. 
  • Turn to your partner and share your reactions to what you've seen.

Activity 4

Social Networking
  • Share our working definition of social networking (see sidebar for resources).

    • iKeepSafe overview, "Your Teens Profile."  
    • Go to MySpace and search for Adrienne DeWolfe
    • Assignment : Login into MySpace with our accounts and do the following:

      1. update your mood

      2. send a bulletin

      3. click on a friend in your list to view their profile and then send them a message

      4. search for a person or your school

Activity 5

Social Networking Continued
  • Administrator's Guide to MySpace
  •  Highlight the following:
    • browse and search features (p. 6)
    • contacting MySpace  (p.7) - schoolcare@myspace.com
    • getting a false profile taken down (section D, p.8-9)
    • threats (p.9)
    • cyberbullying (p.10-11)
    • concerned parents (p. 11)
    • school forums (p.12-13), search school forums
    • hotline phone number:  888-309-1312.

Activity 6

  • Let's take a look at another social network.
    • Demonstration of what FaceBook is.
    • Practice Search strategies
    • Log in as ctap4@jimfreese.com   password: pokemon
    • contacting facebook: 650-853-1300   abuse@facebook.com

Activity 7



Activity 8


  • Assignment:  go to YouTube and locate an educational video, a video from your school, or a video of interest. (headphones please)
  • Share your finds.
Activity 9

Discipline & Legal Issues

Activity 10

CTAP IV Cybersafety Resources

Activity 11 (skip at ACOE, but FYI)

Adina's Deck

  • School assembly

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