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eTime Activity Handout or Link

 8 am

15 mins



Before participants come in, have all tabs open on all machines:

  1. website with resources: www.ctap4.org/cybersafety/
  2. workshop agenda: http://ctapcybersafetyschooladmin.pbwiki.com/
  3. hands-on play: www.myspace.com
  4. hands-on search: www.facebook.com

**Ask participants to right click or option click to open links in a new tab.

Pass out posters.

(As an alternate activity, we could do a "tea party" with excerpts from Dr. David Finkelhor's Cyberpredator Information - Get the Facts Right!

http://www.unh.edu/ccrc/internet-crimes/Internet Factsheet_portrait version_2-6-08_khf.pdf


Activity 1 Skip at ACOE

Opening Activity:

Read article from NASSP.

Point out research statements
as good overview. Point them to
recommendations at the bottom.


Send them to PollEverywhere to

choose their top priority of



Share the goals for the day.


NASSP Board Position Statement

on Internet Safety.


Poll Everywhere site for cell and click here for web voting.



Activity 2 - Skip at MCOE and ACOE.

Demonstration of use of Twitter. Show the CSI YouTube- example that everything has gone mainstream.Two-minute intro to Twitter and show some reputable uses.

(LA Fire Dept., Howe Schools; Linda's professional life).


Activity:  Have them log into Twitter with Pokemon accounts. Do as teams.   Note to audience that at conferences, attendees use Twitter to comment as speakers present.  Called "back channeling."  To experience this, we want our participants to Twitter throughout the session.  We will have a second projector on that will project their comments on the screen.  

First task: twitter why you are here today?


Activity 1 at ACOE

  • Welcome!
  • Goals for the day.
  • Turn to your elbow partners and share why you are here today.


5 mins.

Activity 2 at MCOE and ACOE

Show Video clip from Frontline "Growing Up Online," to set the stage.  Use 2nd chunk, A Revolution in Classroom and Social Life (show only from 4:59 to 9:04 of the video).



10 mins.

Activity 3 

So Frontline focuses on a New Jersey high school, let's see what our kids locally are posting. This is not about learning to use YouTube, we'll get to that later. This is just a sample of what are own students are posting.

Show local examples of videos on YouTube, MySpace and facebook school forums.

Show YouTube video -- Middle School Classroom clip (San Ramon)

Show YouTube video -- Fremont High Fight

Show YouTube video --Alameda High Cheerleaders

Show You Tube video - Pleasanton Middle School Journalism Class

Dance Moves,

Favorite Candy,

"Uber Rap"



Beaten Florida teen report - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2DJ3V2XrvqM

Beaten Baltimore teacher - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iyslYXjOLJs


-------------------------------------- Skip below for MCOE and ACOE

Search Facebook School Forum (using Los Lomas) 

Show negative example of Facebook from student. 

Show example of MySpace student (Livermore). If time show the one from the Livermore assistant coach who has a MySpace.


Activity: Give them a chance to twitter their reactions.





5 mins

Activity 4 

With the PPT present a brief introduction to social networking and MySpace. Introduce with MySpace Song, share our working definition, and the iKeepSafe overview. Use the new iKeepSafe and MySpace tutorials and show, "Your Teens Profile."  http://www.ikeepsafe.org/PRC/videotutorials/myspace/index.html

MySpace Song





10 mins

Activity 4 continued 

Adrienne will demonstrate her MySpace page. Participants will follow along by going to myspace.com without logging in and finding Adrienne DeWolfe to view her profile. 

Then demonstrate the assignment they will be doing after they login: updating mood, sending a bulletin, clicking on a friend's profile (Ziggy) and sending them a message. They follow along with a handout.



20 mins.



Activity 4 continued

Activity: Assignment in MySpace

They login to MySpace with our accounts and do the following:

1. update your mood

2. send a bulletin

3. click on a friend in your list to view their profile and then send them a message 

4. Search for your students using admin guide directions



10 mins.

Activity 5 (social networking continued)

Administrator's Guide to MySpace

Point out relevant sections and have them highlight their guide: browse and search features (p. 5), contacting MySpace (section C, p.8), getting a false profile taken down (section D, p.8-9), Threats (F p.10), , cyberbullying (p.10-11), also how to save a web page to your desktop (K, p.14), school forums (p.12-13), and the hotline phone number 888-309-1312.


Guide to




25 mins

Activity 6

Let's take a look at another social network.

Demonstrate what FaceBook is. Talk about groups and searching for groups.

Demonstrate how to search for a school.

Give them time to search.

Also, show the help page and how to lodge a complaint.
Refer them to the CTAP Web site section for Resolving disciplinary problems.
See: http://www.ctap4.org/cybersafety/SchoolsSocialNetworking.htm

On the workshop wiki, it's located at:


If they want a login, they could use:

Login with: ctap4@jimfreese.com  password: pokemon

"Blackboard Sync Discussion"


Facebook phone number 650-853-1300



10 mins.

Activity 7

Administrator Resources Online

Relax, we are going to show you where you can find many resources for resolving issues that may arise for any of the social networks or YouTube. If you think you're not getting something; it's all here. You will have some time to explore them later, but for now, I will show you where they are.

Demonstrate the Administrator Resources on our CTAP website.



10 mins.



9:45 am

25 mins


Activity 8

Tour YouTube.  Show examples of positive/educational videos (Linda will provide).

  1. "YouTube has struck deals with major universities, creating dedicated channels from which schools can distribute their media content. Not surprisingly UC Berkeley, always at the digital forefront, has taken the lead and launched an ambitious channel with over 300 hours of videotaped courses and events" including UC BerkeleyUSC and Northwestern.
  2. National Geographic has over 465 videos on YouTube.
  3. Edutopia (George Lucas Fdn) has a YouTube Channel.


Activity:  Assign them to locate an educational video and perhaps one of their school.  Share out information.


Review process for sleuthing who posted the video and contact info for getting videos taken down. They follow along and sleuth on the videos they've found.



20 mins.

Activity 9

Discipline & Legal Issues

Share article from EdWeek Magazine, Idaho Students, Administrators Fight Over Internet Privacy.

Introductory disclaimer: We are not lawyers but have worked with Nancy Willard and Tom Hutton, recognized legal counsel in this area.  No one yet has all of the answers to cybersafety law, but we'll share our understanding.  At the end of this workshop, we'll ask you to share your personal scenarios on the evaluation form so Tom Hutton can address them in the Fall.


Share one case involving MySpace and a false profile of an administrator with the outcomes. All but one of the lawsuits have been regarding excessive discipline of an administrator who was impersonated or denigrated by a student using MySpace or another site. And in all but one of those, the disciplinary action was overturned in court. Recommendation: In situations where a student is targeting an educator, seek informal resolution and do not impose excessive, formal discipline. Encourage the educator to pursue civil court actions (identity theft, libel and so on).


Provide Guiding Questions to review when considering disciplinary actions.  Let them be the experts on discipline and discuss appropriate consequences for their students for responding to online bullying and abuse. Give them Nancy Willard's handout, "Responding to Cyberbullying," and have them highlight salient points.

Guide them to Nancy's appendices B & C and give them a chance to read and comment.



(20 mins)

Activity 10

Introduce the CTAP website and CyberSafety PPT.


Show them the CTAP Cybersafety site.

Note that the powerpoint accompanies the threads of the poster, is an excellent tool for educating staff and parents, and is available for download. 

Point back to Admin and AUP resources.

Give them time to explore the administrator resources and to be  prepared to share out something they found that was useful.

Activity 11 (skip at ACOE)

ntroduce team from Adina's Deck - Have Adina's Deck creators present their material and school assembly.




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