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MySpace, Your Campus and You(Tube)

CTAP Region IV Administrator Training

 April, 2008


Social Networks 


Commoncraft Videos

     Social Networking in Plain English

    Twitter in Plain English



Social Network Sites:  Public, Private or What?

Social network sites (SNSes) like MySpace, Facebook, and Bebo are ubiquitous and today’s youth are spending a great deal of time using these sites to access public life. How is public life shaped by social technology? How are the properties of mediated publics like social network sites different from unmediated publics? This article from Danah Boyd seeks to explore the social dynamics of mediated public life in order to help educators understand their role in socialising today’s youth.




Social Networking Basics Tutorial

by iKeepSafe & MySpace.com

A comprehensive interactive guide including: Social Networking 101, an overview of Web 2.0, tips of profile creation and protection, how to report content and contact abuses, and how to get ParentCare software.


NSBA Social Networking Research

Creating & Connecting//Research and Guidelines on Online Social — and Educational — Networking from the  National School Board Association contains great visuals and an overview on the research concerning the uses of social networking by teens.









Poll Anywhere



Student-Based Social Networks









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